The Team

This hodgepodge team came together with a flurry of phone calls and Facebook introductions. Some of us have never met each other in real life.

We're not used to putting together bios that are not professional resumes, personal ads or obituaries. But here's a shot. Hopefully, in 2061, none of us will find

use for these bios and mugshots for job applications, dating sites or gravestones.

Bryan Chang

is a freelance multimedia designer with Popdigital. He enjoys Football Manager and dystopian literature, and has a penchant for mint in his food and beverages and hoarding music and film. Bryan designed the site and developed the web interface for Zi Hao's interactive series.

Grace Chin

lives and works in Petaling Jaya. Her three biggest fears: forgetting how to dream, forgetting how to be a child, inertia. She coordinated and edited content for the site.

Liyana Dizzy

is a cat lady in her 20s. She's learnt most from books, chaos and instinct. Her favourite birthday present is the domain dizzy.li, although has not done much with it. Her conversation with Clare, a student from Uganda, begins Aug 10.

Jerome Kugan

is a writer, musician and artist. He has worked as an arts event organiser and is currently freelancing on arts-related projects. He experiments with sauces from Iranian, Ugandan and Nigerian cuisines starting Aug 24.

Sheridan Mahavera

has been writing about Malaysia's social landscape for a decade. He hopes to get a real job without compromising his soul. His four-part series on Nigerian migrants begins Aug 1.

Michelle Tam

has the Desiderata on her wall and in her heart. She hopes to always be, above all else, on the pursuit of happiness. Her futuristic interpretation of cerita dongengs begins Aug 31.

Marie Tan Kiak Li

is five-feet-one-and-three-quarter-inches tall. She is jack of quite a few trades, and still looking to be mistress of one—or maybe two. Heck, three—why not. She sub-edited content for the site and assisted with content development for Michelle's cerita dongeng series.

Tan Zi Hao

is fascinated with new villages, like his hometown, Serdang. His face can be seen between crevices of these homes, peeping through gates, windows and vents. Zi Hao has no fear confessing this perversity, and finds the exoticisation of 'gated' theoretically problematic. His three part interactive series begins Sept 9.

Grace Wong

is a Media Studies student working on her undergraduate thesis on the representation of females in Malaysian advertising. In her free time she reads comic books, travels to eat, and coos at stray cats. She relates her discoveries of Iranian customs through conversations with her best friend, a three-part series starting Aug 17.