1. The princess let him in, got him some dry clothes, made up the couch, and cooked some pesto pasta. He wolfed down the warm meal in between pleasant conversation.
  2. She was pleased that he did the dishes. She struggled to fix her faulty Internet connection with much sighing and then retired to her room.
  3. The next morning, she awoke to find him fiddling with her modem in the corner.
  4. ‘Damn fail can die, this wiring! Always get lightning-proofed when you live in a high rise,’ he said.
  5. ‘I know this because I work from home and I need the Internet up and running at all times,’ he explained as she surfed with ease.
  6. Sensing her reserve still, he added, ‘Listen – I had to plough through over 40 pages of Google results to find you. I knew a video date was a click away, but old fashioned or not, I just wanted to say hello, in person.’
  7. Many moons ago, this may have been considered stalking, but his curiosity and tenacity in Google-fu was an admirable quality.
  8. She realised that she liked him immensely.
  9. ‘‘A’ for effort,’ said the princess, the corners of her mouth turning up in delight.
  10. ‘I do try,’ he replied, with a royal bow.
  11. With him, the princess could lay her worries to rest about him running off with an internet technician. The heavens had finally rained one down last night!
  12. And a princess could always do with a sunny-faced, modem-magic prince around the house.
  13. There, that is a true story.

Image credits: Engin ErdoganPalagretArbyreed | Feedback:serambi@poskod.my

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