Tasting Notes From Nigeria's Spice Train

Nigeria and Malaysia share the same tropical climate; we also do share similar food customs: rice and millet is the basic daily staple, food is traditionally eaten by hand (but it is considered rude and impolite to eat with the left), its cuisine is based around a few staple foods accompanied by a stew, home made remedies and medicine from traditional herbs are still commonly consumed.

There are certain food taboos, as outlined in the Macmillan encyclopedia Country and Their Cultures: pork is generally avoided nationwide, as most of its population are Muslim.

Certain grains (like rice) and tubers are used as a base in its cuisine, seasoned, grounded and pounded into powder or kneaded into dough.

As with the rest of West Africa, Nigerians also consume dairy products from sheep, goat and camels. Sheridan Mahavera shares these photos from his brief culinary tour. His verdict: it's spicy!