Rocking it in Cheras

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Retirees are the target market for the “Malaysia My Second Home” programme, but there’s no saying why the same welcome cannot be experienced by other 'markets,' (the educational experience as a commerce).

More and more genuine friendships came flooding in during her third year in university, “when I made the most friends in a year… Malaysians who were outsiders among other Malaysians.

Clare won over the family of her ‘BFF, Syaz!’ (ed: ‘BFF, Syaz’ being the official title) with the ‘Malaysian stomach’ she cultivated in her first solitary year.

“No one in that family can beat me in an eating contest.”

She described a friendship with her friend Ganaesh as one where “we could say nothing to each other, rant a little, eat, say nothing and still have the best day of our lives.”

Every time Clare found herself alone in her room, she would pick up the violin and practice for hours. Blisters would be promptly soaked in ice water for a few days until they recovered so that she could resume working on “[her] little voice.”

When her mother said she wouldn’t increase her allowance for another violin, Clare sold off a few of her shoes (her shoes!) and wore her current ones out in order to afford her second, a much pricier electric one.

“I’m grade four now, and Eileen’s family thinks I’ll be able to teach. Her mother says I could take grade one and grade two students already, but if I keep on practicing, I could take on anybody in no time.”

Dari Kampala ke KL

Dari Kampala ke KL

It is by no credit of our own that Clare found ‘home’ here in Malaysia through a solitary instrument, writes Liyana Dizzy in the final of her series. Read ‘Dari Kampala ke Kuala Lumpur’ here on Monday (15/8). | Feedback:

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