The third of Michelle Tam’s futuristic cerita dongeng series: The instructables & etsy generation feat. ‘Demi Moore’ an Patrick Swayze, ala the 1990 film, Ghost?

  1.  Once upon a time, there was a prince who had a penchant for pottery.
  2. His passion stemmed from his favourite childhood pastime of creating Play-Doh flights of fancy with his best friend Stefan.
  3. As they grew up, his princely playmate eventually moved away, but crafting character into clay turned out to be the Prince’s calling, and collectors from far and wide snapped up his creations.
  4. Artist or not, there was no avoiding the age-old question even as he peacefully pottered through his prime.
  5. Bila nak kahwin ni?’ queried his parents and other kaypoh parties.
  6. Entah. Only if or when I find the right person,’ was his constant reply.
  7. The years went by. And while the prince himself was unperturbed by his lack of a life partner, his aging parents were.
  8. Thus, he agreed to the issuance of a royal proclamation calling for prospective partners, with the test being winning him over with their craftwork.
  9. The prince’s saw a steady stream of princesses who tried to impress him with their prowess in hand building, wheel-throwing, and other pottery tricks hidden up their pretty sleeves.
  10. But every earthenware, stoneware and porcelain piece painstakingly produced and presented – no matter how perfect and pleasing to the eye – earned the prince’s admiration and appreciation…
  11. … but not his affection! The prince continued his search.
  12. “They just don’t move me. There’s a sort of strength missing,” thought he, in despair.
  13. One fine day, the prince patiently put the finishing touches to his latest work of art, planning to let it bake in the afternoon sun.
  14. However, an unexpected thunderstorm broke out before his work could dry, leaving the potter in him perplexed.
  15. Suddenly, he heard a loud drumming on his door, and opened it only to be rendered speechless by the singular, rain-soaked sight standing before him.
  16. ‘Sorry. Still don’t know my strength sometimes,’ said the visitor.
  17. The prince found his voice quick enough to squeak, ‘…Stefan?’

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