The first of Michelle Tam’s futuristic series of cerita dongengs: Will this racer-car prince find his soulmate with an unconventional test on his royal racing circuit?

  1. Once upon a time, there was a prince who lived at the top of a hill. Like any other yellow-blooded male his age, he had incredible wanderlust.
  2. He got around fine with public transportation, except for one instance when he melatahed all the way to KL Sentral.
  3. The train had suddenly lurched, and startled him badly. This incident trended nationwide (#champion, #cannotmakeit, #opocot). This, coupled with his agoraphobia, was reason enough to stay away from the madding crowd.
  4. Thus, he developed a love for long drives, but soon found them lonesome.
  5. A real princess should know how to drive so we could have many fine adventures together, he thought.
  6. Her driving skills should be so smooth as to not send a pea – perched precariously on the roof – flying off onto the road.
  7. This he prized above all other feminine charms and qualities, for good driving also meant he wouldn’t be frightened into opocot mak engkau! fits.
  8. Alas, generations of not needing to drive had rendered most of royal blood largely incompetent with handling any vehicle.
  9. Efforts for the prince’s charms always included a difficult test in the istana’s complicated driving circuit, with the few who tried often receiving airbags in the face as a reward.
  10. This made the king and queen most worried for their stubborn son who left a trail of pale green faces and broken hearts.
  11. One evening, the dark sky streaked white with lightning and rain bucketed down, depriving the prince of his nightly drive. This left him restless.
  12. Suddenly, they heard a relentless knocking at the gate, and the king himself went out to investigate.
  13. He returned with a sorry sight of a girl — her short hair, slick with rain, was plastered to her skin. Soaked to the bone, the denim jacket she wore hung heavy upon her slight frame, and her boots were streaked with mud and gravel.

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